■ 氏名
宮崎 彰 (ミヤザキ アキラ)

■ 所属部局/職名
Research and Education Faculty, Natural Sciences Cluster, Agriculture Unit/Professor
教育研究部 自然科学系 農学部門/教授

■ 学部・学科・コース等
Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Department of Agriculture, Forestry, Bioresource and Environmental Sciences
農林海洋科学部 農林資源環境科学科

■ 連絡先
住 所
電 話088-864-5123
E-Mailmiyazaki●kochi-u.ac.jp    (送信の際は“●”を半角の“@”に変更して送信してください。)
U R Lhttp://www.kochi-u.ac.jp/agrimar/japan/kenkyusha/008.html

■ 出身大学院・研究科等
九州大学 博士(農学研究科 農学) 2000 (修了)

■ 出身学校・専攻等
高知大学 (農学部 暖地農) 1992 (卒業)

■ 取得学位
博士(農学),修士(農学) (課程) 九州大学 作物学・雑草学

■ 研究職歴
1997-1998 日本学術振興会 特別研究員
1998- 高知大学農学部 助手
1999- 愛媛大学大学院連合農学研究科 助手併任
2003- 高知大学農学部 講師
2004- 高知大学農学部 助教授
2007- 高知大学農学部准教授
2007- 愛媛大学大学院連合農学研究科准教授併任
2008- 高知大学教育研究部自然科学系農学部門准教授
2009- 愛媛大学大学院連合農学研究科D○合教員
2020- 高知大学教育研究部自然科学系農学部門教授

■ 委員歴・役員歴
2012-2013 文部科学省分野別協力者会議(農学)委員
2020-   高知県食の安全・安心推進審議会委員

■ 受賞学術賞

■ 所属学会
 (評議員 国内)
 (評議員 国内)
 (評議員 現職 国内)
 ( 国内)

■ 専門分野
作物学 Crop Science
植物生理学 Plant Physiology

■ 主な研究テーマ・活動
Deep rooting development in upland rice grown with rainfed conditions
Effect of high temperature on kernel quality and grain filling in rice
Genetic variation of growth, rhizome yield and starch production in edible canna

■ 研究についてのPR
1. Deep rooting development in upland rice grown with rainfed conditions
Rainfed upland rice is grown on approximately 32% of the rice cultivation area in sub-Saharan Africa; however, the yield tends to be unstable because of the erratic and unpredictable rainfall. Increasing rice yields in rainfed cultivation areas requires the absorption of water from deep soil layers that have relatively high soil moisture contents. This requires that the rice has a deep root system with high root lengths and densities in deeper soil layers. In this study, we examine the effects of water managements on deep rooting and aboveground growth, and discuss desirable root structures to induce deep rooting.

■ 社会人・生徒を対象として可能な講演・授業(例えば講演題目)
「熱帯の稲作」Rice cultivation in tropical regions
「作物概論」Crop Science
「イネ−お米−ごはん」Cultivate, harvest, and eat rice

■ 研究業績(論文・解説)
Deep rooting development and growth in upland rice NERICA induced by subsurface irrigation
 Plant Production Science (Akira Miyazaki & Naoya Arita ) 23/, 2020 (学術雑誌) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/1343943X.2020.1732829

Relationships among the chalkiness, kernel size and endosperm cell morphology of rice kernels at different spikelet positions within a panicle
 Plant Production Science (Akira Miyazaki, Akiko Ikeda, Junichi Yonemaru, Satoshi Morita & Yoshinori Yamamoto) 21/3, 225-232 2018 (学術雑誌)

Relationships between Kernel Quality of Appearance and Yield Characters in Japonica and Indica Rice Cultivars.
 Abstract of 9th Asian Crop Science Association Conference. (AkiraMiyazaki, Yu Ishida, YoshinoriYamamoto, Naimei Tu, Jing Ju, and Jing Cui) /, 297 2017 (学術雑誌)

Growth and yield responses of upland NERICAs to variable water management under field conditions
 Plant Production Science (Mayumi Kikuta, Daigo Makihara, Naoya Arita, Akira Miyazaki and Yoshinori Yamamoto) 20/, 36-46 2017 (学術雑誌)

How Growth and Yield of Upland Rice Vary with Topographic Conditions: A Case of Slash-and-burn Rice Farming in South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
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Comparison of Root Development in Sago Palm of Different Ages, Regions and Folk Varieties.
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Dry Matter Production and Distribution after Trunk Formation in Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.)
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Morphological, Physiological and Yield Responses of Some Rice Varieties (Oryza sativa L.) as Exposed Under High Temperature in Indonesia
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Kernel Quality and Ripening Ability in Japonica and Indica Type Rice Cultivars Grown under Different Temperature Conditions
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Effects of Rhizome Yield and Curcumin Content on Curcumin Yield from Curcuma
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Changes of Leaf Characters in Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) after Trunk Formation
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Comparison of Species Composition under Different Light Conditions in Sago Forests
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■ 研究業績(著書)
サゴヤシ 21世紀の資源植物 第4章 生育特性 5. 根の伸長と形成 pp.114-117, 第5章 生理的特性 2. 光合成 pp.129-132.(2010)

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“IoP(Internet of Plants)”が導く「Next次世代型施設園芸農業」への進化(2018-2022)受託研究等